Our team

Our mission is to give ambitious companies best tools to take their business process management to a new level.
We believe that digital transformation of process management gives companies an indisputable competitive advantage.

We are working in process management since the early 2000s.

Our experience includes dozens of successful quality management deployment projects, business process audits, corporate information systems implementation, Lean Production projects and Six Sigma projects.

Our team includes professional business consultants and experts from academia, authors of books and scientific publications on business process management.

In 2016 we began using existing process mining tools in our consulting projects.

The expertise we accumulated allowed us to understand what modern business actually needs in the practice of process mining, and that the existing solutions on the market are not able to fully meet these needs.

In 2018 we decided to develop our own solution.

  • Konstantin Golokteev
    Co-founder and CEO

    Project manager and consultant of management systems development projects. Business consultant since 2000.

  • Ivan Matveev

    Co-founder and CTO

    Succesfully implemented dozens of SAP, T9, Pure, 1C projects. Data scientist with process mining specialisation. Head of corporate software development team. Initiator and the architect of Promease.

  • Konstantin Naumov

    Co-founder and CMO

    Opened his first consulting business in 1998. He implemented more than 20 marketing and sales system projects.