Petrovich: in-depth study of the order processing process from the website of the hypermarket chain

> 1 million


- 7% 

Labor costs

One of the largest retailers in Russia: more than 20 hypermarkets, own production sites and a developed ecosystem of digital consumer services.

Consulting partner

Insitute of Management, innovations and business analysis

Business context

The main objectives of the project are to investigate the bottlenecks of the process, determine its exact characteristics and develop an action plan to improve the process based on the data obtained.

What was done

• The digital twin of the process has been extracted;
• A comparative analysis of the process execution options for different categories of customers and types of delivery was carried out;
;• Critical areas of the process have been investigated.

Results achieved

• Tools to monitor the process have been configured
• The potential for the process improvement has been calculated
• The estimated effect is a reduction of duration of the process by 7-10%, annual savings of more than € 500,000.