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Process discovery
Promease may be delivered both for deployment on the client's server (on-premise) and in the cloud version.

On-premise delivery includes server and user licenses, and from 10 data sources. This option is best suited for large companies planning or already implementing programs for automating internal audit processes, digitalization and robotization of business processes.

Cloud option is deployed as a separate instance like and is fully operated by the client. No cost for infrastructure and flexible pricing. Subscription starts from 1 month and three users.

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Process audit in process mining
Process mining is the intersection of data analysis and business process management. So, you would need to obtain a unique set of competencies for the effective use of Promease in your company.

Basic program (16 hours):
  • Process mining fundamentals.
  • Three basic types of tasks being solved by process mining.
  • Practice in Promease, including solving case studies.
  • How Promease can be used in a company.
  • Managing the process mining projects.
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Process discovery process mining
The tasks solved with Promease and the ways of using it are very diverse.

Our team is always ready to go through the whole fascinating way of mastering Promease together with the customer's team in order to achieve real results as quickly as possible.

We will support you at all stages - from pilot use and individual process improvement projects to the development of a digital excellence strategy and the development of a corporate competence center.

Write us, and we will outline the shortest path to a real result.